Microsoft Lync 2010 client – Send log files from a mobile device to your administrator

Found this page describing the nice feature which I have been using for a while:

Lync Mobile has the ability to send diagnostic logs from the client to the administrator. However, there is no documentation on what to do with this information if you are the administrator! 


Why I love my Windows Phone 7 (LG e900)

I has ALL the features I need:

  • Multiple e-mail accounts with threaded conversations view
  • aGPS for navigation
  • Central account management with support for G-mail, Exchange, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • All contacts on one “container”
  • Access to Marketplace (apps) – I am currently using Bingle Maps, DSLR toolbox, Endomondo, Meeting Room (for Exchange Server 2010), QR Reader, Tasks and more
  • Perfect music player – integration to Zune and Windows Player software, DLNA
  • Mobile Internet Explorer 9
  • Wifi sync of files – when at home or at work
  • The most easy to use GUI I know (WP7 does not have a Danish GUI yet… might come in the future – but is does have Danish keyboard!)
  • xBox Live games

My LG e900 is running Mango, the hardware is stable, the battery life is more than ok, the camera is in the better half for a smartphone (Video in 720p, stills in 5 Mpixel), it is a bit heavy but it can be dropped without being afraid that the screen is broken.

And it might come as a big surprise, this phone is actually quite cheap around €200 for a new one at – compared to the new Nokia devices starting at €400